Designing Viewer Friendly Slides

Instructions to watch:

1. Click on red button just above, then download and open file.

2. If “Protected View” ribbon appears at the top in yellow, simply click on Enable Editing (Bearbeitung Aktivieren).

3. Then switch to full-screen mode to watch the presentation by using the F5 button or clicking on the the icon  labeled: “slide show” – on the bottom ribbon (right side) of PowerPoint.


If the slides with narration do not advance automatically, then return to “normal screen” and set your PowerPoint program ( √ ) to “Play Narrations” next to “Record Slide Show” under the Slide Show tab (aktivieren Sie “Anzeigedauer verwenden” unter Bildschirmpräsentation in der Taskleiste oben). Then go back to full-screen mode and watch.

NOTE: This cannot be viewed on a Smartphone. Please feel free to contact us ( for any feedback regarding this audio presentation.

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