Powerful Presentations

Our 2-day Presentation Skills training seminar (in English and German) is designed to engage participants in a step-by-step, hands-on guided approach, with their own topics, to making powerful presentations in every dimension of their talk. This includes developing a coherent structure, writing for coherence and impact, speaking convincingly and authentically, and breaking free of PowerPoint text slides. We will also include, as an option, concrete recommendations on how to adapt your presentation specifically to different cultures around the world.


During this 2-day Storytelling workshop, we will guide you in a step-by-step approach to developing your own story-based presentation. We will work with you and provide you with one of seven storytelling variations that are sure to engage your audience, and at the same time, be relevant and memorable – in numerous contexts (sales, marketing, public speaking, TED Talks, and even for scientific presentations). Our trainers are themselves experienced presenters and writers who can help you create a compelling story that can stand alone without using PowerPoint.

Senior Level Coaching

At the International Presentation Academy we work with senior executives, one-on-one online or on-site, to help you develop a more compelling presentation style with a memorable message. We’re able to work with you on crafting a focused objective and a memorable key message. We’ll help you write and tell a compelling and inspirational story – as well as simplify your message so that it fully engages your audience, including your international audience. And we’ll also help you build on your own speaking personality – and build on your existing strengths.

Creative Facilitation

The goal of this 2-day Creative Facilitation seminar is to equip participants with the essential skills needed to conduct focused discussions – in different contexts – that get results. Participants will learn to use various, easy-to-use tools for getting the full participation of everyone in attendance for consensus-driven talks, generating new ideas, holding creative discussions without distractions, problem-solving assignments, and effective meetings. Participants will not only learn what are the typical obstacles to reaching successful outcomes in these areas, but they will also practice using effective methods to get around them.

Advanced : Train the Trainer

The goal of this 2-3 day advanced Train The Trainer seminar is to help participants design more interactive training modules. During the workshop participants will develop a clear structure and numerous activities for every stage of the training cycle (i.e. ice-breakers, opening gap-analysis activities, numerous input methods, debriefing questions, easy-to-use interactive tests, as well as skills and knowledge anchoring). Participants will also experience how to teach theoretical input or complicated processes using interactive activities. Attendees are invited to bring their own training topics to the course and develop them during our time together.

Concise & Effective Business Writing

This 1-day online or onsite workshop on concise & effective business writing will equip non-native writers with the necessary skills they need to write clear and concise business communications. Participants will learn how to structure and write project briefs, reports, executive summaries, meeting summaries, and emails – in a way that is clear, concise and immediately comprehensible to the reader. Participants will also learn how to recognize and edit common mistakes leading to wordiness and confusion.