Do you need to facilitate creative discussions for meetings, work groups, teams, brainstorming groups, and problem-solving processes?

Do you need to get your team or work group (from 5 to 200 people) to shift perspectives, get everyone involved, come up with real solutions and do all this in a time-efficient manner?

Creative Facilitation is a 2-day seminar that will equip participants with the essential skills needed to conduct focused discussions – in different contexts – that get results. Participants will learn to use various, easy-to-use tools for getting the full participation of everyone in attendance for consensus-driven talks, brainstorming sessions, critical discussions, problem-solving encounters, and meetings. They will not only learn what are the typical obstacles to reaching successful outcomes in these areas, but they will also practice using effective methods to get around them.


  • How to break patterned thinking
  • Obstacles to having genuine discussions
  • Tool 1 – Using the PMI tool for quick and effective discussions
  • The 5 perspectives from which we typically view any topic
  • Tool 2 – Using an easy method to discuss topics without having participants talking past each other or dominate a discussion.
  • Tool 3 – Facilitating a Consensus Building Process – to generate ideas, distill the best ones, find consensus, and implement them practically
  • How to understand a problem, define its type, and save time and effort in solving it.
  • Tool 4 – The Problem Solving Process – a structured approach to solving problems
  • Tool 5 – Facilitating a meeting, so that it is time-efficient and outcome oriented
  • Overcoming the 3 typical problems of ineffective meetings