About Us

Business Presentation Skills Training – Online

The International Presentation Academy® was established in 1998 by Ruben A. Hernandez with our flagship seminar, Powerful Presentations. The seminar is unique in that it not only trains participants to use their voice and body language to make an engaging presentation, but it also shows them how to structure and write their presentations so that the message is clear, coherent and in story form. In addition, participants will also learn how to adapt their message specifically to different cultures around the world.

Our Methods

At the International Presentation Academy, we focus on presentations training – whether it’s the classic stand-up version in front of an audience, or presenting an interactive training module to learners, or even showing you how to present your ideas clearly and concisely in written form. Our method of teaching is to engage the learner continuously using a hands-on guided structure – in a way that’s also interesting. Our approach is simple: our seminar participants will practice, practice, practice until they internalize the skill of presenting, training, or writing before they leave us. We promise.