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Ruben Hernandez – American /German – has been a presentation trainer in Europe, Asia, and North America for over 25 years. He is also an experienced speaker.

As director of the International Presentation Academy, his focus has been on creating simple but effective methods to train others in the skill of making clear and powerful presentations – which led to the development of the Intensive Iterative Training Method ® . A parallel focus of his has been in teaching others how to adapt their presentations to different cultures, and their listening expectations, around the world.

Ruben’s experience also includes work in the theater – as a stage director, and in radio. He has taught creative writing to adults and is himself a published author – and honorary speaker for Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Leader Corp”.   A graduate of UCLA, he holds an M.A. in Education and an MBA from the OUBS in the UK.

Renate Heiderich

Renate Heiderich – German – is a qualified presentations trainer and certified coach who is herself a talented speaker in her own right. She’s not only an inspirational speaker but is also skilled at teaching others to do the same.

In addition to presentations she also offers communication and facilitation seminars. At the International Presentation Academy, Renate is the lead trainer for the German version of “Powerful Presentations” but offers the course in English as well.

She holds an MBA, numerous coaching certificates and is an active member of the German association of coaching and training (dvct) e.V.

Sabine Havenstein

Sabine Havenstein – German – is an intercultural communications trainer and business coach based in Germany.

A particular strength of hers is in training and coaching others to adapt their presentations to different cultures and business contexts around the world

She holds an M.A. from Eberhardt-Karls-Universität Tübingen, has also studied at universities in the USA and Spain and is a certified trainer and systemic business coach.

Peter Kennedy

Peter Kennedy – British – is well-known leadership and management trainer in the UK.

A former officer in the British Army’s Parachute Regiment, Peter now focuses on developing leaders and high-performance teams in business and government. Part of his expertise includes training leaders on how to hold powerful presentations that inspire and motivate. Peter is also an acclaimed motivational speaker in the UK and Germany who counts numerous internationally-active companies as his clients.

He is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and British Army Staff College, and holds an MBA from the OUBS – Open University Business School.

Susie Böhm

Susie Böhm – American – has lived in Germany since 2003 and has been active as an English and communications trainer for numerous international-active companies.

Her special focus has been in the area of presentations skills training, group facilitation training, coaching and course design. She is a graduate of the University of Liverpool where she holds a MSc in Organizational & Business Psychology. She is also a qualified trainer, with teaching certificates from the University of Cambridge.