Powerful Presentations Training Seminar in Germany

To deliver a powerful presentation you need more than energy. You need examples, a clear structure, proven techniques, passion, and most of all, lots of practice. That’s where we come in. Our 2-day presentation skills training workshop (available¬† in English and German) is designed to engage participants in a step-by-step guided approach, with their own topics, to making powerful presentations in every dimension of their talk. This includes developing a coherent structure (we will show you how), writing for flow and impact, speaking convincingly and authentically (you will be filmed 2 times), and breaking free of PowerPoint text slides. We will also include, as an option, concrete recommendations on how to adapt your presentation specifically to different cultures around the world. This presentations skills seminar is appropriate for those giving business or scientific talks, for sales professionals, for TED-Talk speakers, or simply for those needing general public speaking skills. Whatever your current level, our presentation course will take you to the next level and beyond. The International Presentation Academy’s open-seminar version of our presentation skills seminar is held in Munich, Germany. (klick dates)

Presentation skills training


  • Using the right structure for business and sales professionals, inspirational public speakers, presentations training and storytelling presentations, as well as technical and scientific presentations
  • Capturing attention at the very beginning
  • Articulating your purpose clearly around the needs of the audience
  • Using the story structure to create tension and aid memory
  • Making your presentation relevant and interesting
  • Using different persuasive structures for supporting your ideas
  • Developing simple and memorable key points
  • Developing viewer-friendly visual support (i.e. PowerPoint)
  • Speaking freely, authentically, using flow, tempo and intonation, pauses and body language with impact
  • Filming your presentation to refine your delivery (2 video sessions with feedback)
  • Adapting your presentation across cultures (see link)


We believe that presenting is a skill, like learning to drive or play golf. It has to be practiced repeatedly to develop competency. That’s why we only have small groups in attendance – so that everyone has a chance to practice many times. At the International Presentation Academy we put the participant at the center of our training with the aim of internalizing competency. You can expect:

  • Short input sessions and lots of hands-on, learn-by-doing practice
  • 6¬† in-front-of-trainer presentations per participant (2 filmed), plus 3 practice presentations
  • Voice and speaking exercises
  • Personalized feedback for every presentation
  • Time and input on how to design audience-friendly slides
  • The chance to use your own topic on this presentation workshop

Max. 7 participants per trainer