Do you need to make your training modules more interactive, engaging and learner-oriented?

Our Advanced Train The Trainer workshop (in English or German) is a 2.5-day seminar that helps participants design their own training modules so that they are interactive and experientially based.  During the seminar (also available remote-online) participants will develop a clear training structure and numerous activities for every stage of the training cycle (i.e. ice-breakers, opening gap-analysis activities, numerous input methods, debriefing questions, easy-to-use interactive tests, as well as skills and knowledge anchoring). Participants will also experience how to teach theoretical input using interactive activities. Participants are invited to bring their own training topics to the course and develop them during our 2.5 days together.

Interactive Seminar Design

Designing Interactive Training Modules


  • Learning styles and training methods
  • How to structure your training module to maximize learning effectiveness
  • How to create a seminar design that is highly didactic and and engaging
  • How to train complicated processes
  • Adult learning needs and motivation: what really works
  • Designing and using interactive tests
  • Creating learning objectives that that motivate learners
  • Designing simulations for your training module
  • Developing input material beyond the lecture method
  • How to design viewer-friendly visual support
  • Introduction to the “Flipped classroom” approach
  • Final tips: How to get full class participation in discussions.

Our train-the-trainer workshop will also use the very techniques and approaches that it advocates – as examples of how to let participants “experience for themselves” – the effectiveness of interactive and experiential (hands-on) learning.