Presenting Across Cultures

Presenting Across Cultures shows those needing to make international business, sales, and marketing presentations – how to adapt their structure, delivery style, content and message in 16 key markets and regions around the world.
There is also a chapter on what to do when presenting to an internationally mixed audience, how to work with visual support in different cultures.
The book will also be of value for those making non business-related presentations.

„While you can find a lot of material about general cultural differences, Presenting across Cultures is the only book I have found that specifically addresses the impact of these differences on presentations.“
„The best part of the book is the way Hernandez graphs 13 different dimensions along a line, and presents these visually for each of 20 countries/regions. If you’re planning a presentation overseas, you can turn to each of the countries listed and see differences at a glance, and then read the overall explanations plus a list of dos and don’ts for each.“ – J.F. Malcolm
And last! Someone has created a vademecum for the business speaker, that is easy to read and follow, succinctly addressing the cultural pitfalls and expectations that the business speaker may face in as many as 20 different countries around the world.George F. Simons
„In short – it’s a reference book giving concrete and concise advice about presenting in various cultures and regions. It answers all the questions one has in regards to speaking style, opening a presentation, content and points of persuasions, summarizing, and Q&A within presentations given in that specific culture.“ – Mark Halsdoff