Train The Trainer
(Developing Experiential & Interactive Modules)

Much training today in companies is little more than a lecture-based PowerPoint presentation, with too many text slides. The result: participants are quickly bored and learn very little.
The challenge then is to conduct a seminar which genuinely involves everyone in a way that is highly didactic, hands-on, effective, and engages the participants throughout.

IPA Objectives for you

We’ll show you and have you practice how to:
  • use experiential learning to look at experiential learning and different learning styles,
  • learn how to structure a training module from – beginning to end – so as to keep participants engaged throughout,
  • learn to articulate the goals and learning outcomes of their own training modules so as to get participants motivated,
  • use fun, interactive tests that anchor learning points and measure how well participants are learning,
  • design simulations and learning activities around the learners and their needs,
  • break the PowerPoint Karaoke habit – and design effective slides that are visual, memorable and 100% audience oriented,
  • be introduced to the „Flipped-Classroom“ approach and develop their own screen-captured presentation.
At the International Presentation Academy, we’ll provide trainers with the needed knowledge and skills to conduct successful workshops themselves. The seminar itself will be an experiential example of the effective training methods we advocate.

Your investment

2 Days – Ask about our special group and company in-house rates.