Powerful Presentations

At the International Presentation Academy®, one of our core strengths is to help you make clear and powerful presentations – no matter what the content. We’ll also help you structure and write it using an easy step-by-step approach.

IPA Objectives for you

We’ll show you and have you practice how to:
  • tightly structure and write your presentation from beginning to end,
  • develop your purpose statement around the needs of your audience,
  • engage your audience from the very beginning,
  • make it flow smoothly and coherently throughout – in story form,
  • increase interest in your content and trust in the speaker,
  • develop a memorable summary and key message,
  • deliver your talk in a engaging yet authentic way (using intonation, pauses, tempo, eye contact, body language, etc.),
  • design visual support (PPt) that is audience friendly and helps you speak freely (and not read).
You’ll do this by practicing with your own presentation topic – that you can develop with our guidance – while getting constant feedback from the trainer.
No matter what level of skill you possess when you join our seminar, we will get you to the next level.