Making Clear Technical Presentations

Technical and scientific experts are a critical component in any company, but if they can’t communicate their knowledge in a clear and compelling way that their audiences can understand and use, their expertise will be wasted, especially on potential clients.
Two of the most typical problems in technical presentations are “information overload” – far too much information on far too many PowerPoint slides, and – a delivery style that, quite honestly, bores their audiences to distraction. It is the classic one-two punch that KO’s the audience in the early round.

IPA Objectives for you

At the International Presentation Academy we’ll help make your technical presentations clear, concise, interesting and relevant. We’ll also show you how to say more with fewer, viewer-friendly slides so that they make complex ideas – easy to understand. We’re experienced working with technical presentations, with many of our clients coming from high-tech companies. We know how to help you structure, write and deliver your message – in short manageable steps – so that even highly technical talks are clear and enjoyabe to listen to.

Your investment

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