Presentation Seminars

Powerful Presentations

Making a good presentation with impact in your own culture is difficult enough. Making powerful presentations in another culture requires special skill and knowledge.    »read more»

Presentations Skills for Leaders

When a company’s leader gives a presentation it’s not enough to be competent or have sound arguments. You have to be able to reach your audience at a much deeper level, at that level which inspires and moves them to act.    »read more»

Sales Presentations Skills

Most customers do not want to hear a sales pitch. What they really want is a solution to their needs. And they want to hear it in way they can understand. Otherwise, they won’t trust you.   »read more»

Technical Presentations Skills

Technical and scientific experts are a critical component in any company, but if they can’t communicate their knowledge in a clear and compelling way that their audiences can understand and use, their expertise will be wasted, especially on potential clients.   »read more»

Training and Presentations Skills for Trainers

Effective knowledge transfer is one of the key competitive factors among organizations today. And yet, many company training programs often send an expert into a training situation with little preparation. The result is a standard, lecture-based, PowerPoint-slide seminar with very little effectiveness or knowledge transfer.  »read more»