See for Yourself

This is where we like to post links to talks – from international speakers – that we think are worth seeing and learning from:

Ken Robinson

…talks about education and creativity for the 21st century. (He needs no slides but uses many anecdotes and lots of humor to illustrate his point.) – 20 min     »watch»

Ruben Hernandez

The Decline of Presentations: How text slides came to dominate presentations.     »watch»

Hans Rosling

…presents new insights about the developing world. He demonstrates how to use visual support correctly in a presentation.     »watch»

Sigfried Woldhek

…discovers the real face of Leonardo Da Vinci. This is an example of a stunningly concise yet interesting presentation.    

Shai Agassi

…keeps the audience’s interest by using a narrative approach with embedded anecdotes and only a few slides.

William Li

…looks at a radically new approach to treating cancer. He shows how to keep an audience listening attentively by being tightly structured. »watch»

Scott Harrison

…a moving presentation using the classic story form »watch»