Our Team at the IP Academy

Ruben Hernandez

American – has been a presentations trainer in Europe, Asia, North America and North Africa for over 20 years. He is also an experienced speaker and speech writer. For even longer, Ruben has been an outright trainer of other trainers (TTT) with his „Developing Experiential and Interactive Training Modules“ seminar…beginning his career as an assistant lecturer in Methodologies & Testing – at the University of Florence.
His focus for all his courses, is to create simple, hands-on (structured) approaches so that his participants can internalize the skill of making powerful presentations and  designing interactive training modules – before leaving his course.
Ruben is the founder of the IP-Academy. A graduate of UCLA, he holds an M.A. in Education and an MBA from the OUBS in England.

Renate Heiderich

German – is a qualified presentations trainer and certified coach who is herself a talented speaker in her own right. She’s not only an inspirational speaker but is also skilled at teaching others to do the same.
In addition to presentations she also offers communication, train-the-trainer, conflict resolution and leadership seminars. At the International Presentation Academy, Renate is the lead trainer for the German version of „Powerful Presentations“ but offers the course in English as well.
She holds an MBA, numerous coaching certificates and is an active member of the German association of coaching and training (dvct) e.V.

Claudia Napetschnig

German/American – is a qualified trainer, certified coach and experienced train-the-trainer and communications trainer. She’s not only a dynamic, energetic and engaging trainer, but she’s also skilled at teaching others to motivate and involve their participants in their own seminars.
At the International Presentation Academy, Claudia is the lead trainer for the German version of „Train-The-Trainer“ but, as an accent-free English speaker, offers the course in English as well.
She holds an M.A. in Amerikanistik and Education from the University of Regensburg numerous coaching certificates as well as a train-the-trainer certificate from Siemens AG.

Tom Klein

Canadian/German – has been a communications trainer and management coach in Germany since 1990.
Part of his training focus includes leadership training and presentations skills – with a particular strong suit in training others to communicate with impact. Tom is known for pushing seminar participants to expand beyond their boundaries, to leave that safe place – and to move to the next level in their skills development.
He is also an accredited master NLP instructor and holds a B.A. in Political Science and a Ph.D. in Social and Political thought from York University in Toronto, Canada.

Sabine Havenstein

German – is an intercultural communications and leadership trainer and a business coach based in Germany.
A particular strength of hers is in training and coaching others to adapt their presentations to different cultures and business contexts around the world. She has spent many years working in different countries and was a board member of SIETAR Germany (an intercultural publication and professional association). Sabine trains future coaches in a 1-year coach-training course at the Munich Academy for Business Coaching.
She holds an M.A. from Eberhardt-Karls-Universität Tübingen, has also studied at universities in the USA and Spain and is a certified trainer and systemic business coach.

Michelle Feneberg

South African – is an award-winning speaker and long-standing member of Toastmasters International who coaches business people across multiple industries in public speaking and presentations.
As a freelance voice-over artist she also produces recordings, voice-overs and post-production dubbings for the film and radio industries. Michelle holds a B.Com in Business Economics (Wits), an MBA from Univ. of South Africa and had seven years of part-time training in Speech and Drama through the Trinity College of Music in London.
Over the years she has been welcomed as a guest speaker in locations as diverse as Paris, Munich and Florida.

Peter Kennedy

British – is well-known leadership and management trainer in the UK.
A former officer in the British Army’s Parachute Regiment, Peter now focuses on developing leaders and high-performance teams in business and government – through his trademark “TheLeadershipChallenge®”. Part of his expertise includes training leaders on how to hold powerful presentations that inspire and motivate. Peter is also an acclaimed motivational speaker in the UK and Germany who counts numerous internationally-active companies as his clients.
He is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and British Army Staff College, and holds an MBA from the OUBS – Open University Business School.